New Orleans Second Homes
Warehouse District

   About 50% of my sales in the New Orleans Warehouse District have been condos that are used as second homes. People like to walk and shop the downtown areas. Most of the condos are in associations where you can lock the door and leave and not worry about any issues.

Second Home Condo Notes

1. Lenders require a 20% down payment if the condo is used as a second home. 

2. Condo Babysitter. I have an a handy man who can check your condo on a regular basis. Change the a/c filter and run the water. Fix little things after you leave the condo. 

3. Most the of the Warehouse Condos are secure and have little issues with strangers walking around the common areas.

4. Condo Rentals, Almost all condos do not allow short term rentals for less than 60 days. Many have longer rental periods. The Condo docs will state that. Owners do not want a lot of folks coming and going. Your friend and family are totally separate.

5. Pet Friendly is very common. There are restrictions as to the number and certain breeds that have insurance issues. These are not allowed in the condo association.

6. Second home buyers like the area as it is very walk able and close to many destinations. Easy walk to the French Quarter, Super Dome, Outlet Mall, Harrahs, and many other places to eat and drink.

7. One thing I have noticed over the past 5-6 years is that many condo buyers live within several hours of New Orleans. They use their units more and have friend and family visit. This was not happening before this time period.

8. The management companies can arrange direct deposit of your monthly condo fees. This makes sure your fees are paid monthly and on time.

9. People do not have to use their cars that often. It's an easy walk to the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar line. Many would just call a cab and go locally.

10. If we cannot find what you want in the Warehouse District we can search adjacent neighborhoods that have many historic condos. I know these areas as well. The complexes will tend to be smaller as the buildings will not have been as large as converted warehouses.

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115