The Inspection Process
After an Accepted Agreement

   Generally the purchaser can ask from 10-15 days to inspect the property. At this time you hire an inspector to review and check out the condo. The inspector is going to look for defects that are not easily seen. Most of the defects are found in the electrical, plumbing, applainces, a/c heat system and other things that may be broken.

    The inspector have also not some updates that you may want to make. These are different from defects as updates are not there. Once the inspector finishes the inspection he will review and shouw you what he found that was defective or in question. He will then write up his report.

   The purchasers and I will fill out a formal inspection response form where we indicate the fixes that we want. The majority of the time the seller will repair the defects. Having the inspectors report is a must and helps get things done.

   Once written up this will be used as evidence to the seller to fix the defective items and provide the necessary receipts. We can go and review the repairs as soon as they are done. We will take a final walk through before the sale to check things out again. If there were some major flaws we can always ask the inspector to come back and review the repairs for a small charge.

    Most inspectors will take photos of the defects that they can see. This makes it easier to see the defects and figure out what needs to be done to repair the items. This is very helpful. 

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
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