Lower Garden District Condos
St. Mary, St. Andrews, St. Charles
New Orleans

    There are a number of condo associations in the Lower Garden District. I picked a couple of streets where conversions were made into condos from townhouse doubles. Most are histroic in nature once you move from St. Charles Avenue.

    I have sold at least one in each of the condos on St. Mary and St. Andrews. Many on St. Charles as well.

Saint Mary Street

1440 St. Mary Street Condos
1444 St. Mary Street, Near Prytania
1520 St. Mary Street, Nine Condos

Saint Andrews Street

1326 St. Andrews Street
Historic Townhouse Double turned into condos.

St. Charles Avenue Condos

1224 St. Charles Ave, Near Lee Circle, Couple of blocks
On the Streetcar line, 1224 St. Charles Ave.

Walter Eric Bouler
Walter Eric Bouler
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