Coliseum Square in New Orleans
Coliseum Square Condos
"Neighborhood Condos"


    The Coliseum Square Neighborhood is just several blocks from the Warehouse District. This is a very historic area located between St. Charles Avenue and Magazine Street. The area was designed in about 1820 when 5 plantations were divided up.

      Among the many historic homes you will find a number of condo associations that were created from homes and small apartment complexes. Most all are historic in nature. I call these "Neighborhood Condo" as you can walk and park easily.

      I have sold over 12 in this area over the past five years. As the Warehouse District prices have risen I began to take people to this neighborhood. All my clients have been happy to date. The love the walk around the park and neighborhood. The Magazine Street shops are unique. It is also an easy walk to the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar line. 

     This walk will give you a feel for the area and they types of condos that are in the Lower Garden District around Coliseum Square and within a block of the Park. I have been in all of these condos and have sold many in the area and those pictured below. There are a few more but these are the most notable.

A Walk Around Coliseum Square Condos

Coliseum Square in Between Coliseum and Camp Streets
1629 Coliseum Square, Victorian Conversion
1703 Coliseum Square Condos
The Mayfair Condos at 1783 Coliseum and Felicity
1805 Coliseum Street Condos,Corner of Felicity St.
1122 Felicity Street Condos
Orange Street Condos Between Magazine & Camp St.
1544 Camp Street, Corner of Orange Street
1446 Camp Street, Overlooking the Square

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Marcus Bouler
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