Garden District Condos
More Neighborhood Condos

    Most of the condos in the Garden District Proper are going to be conversions of homes and apartments into condos. They are going to be integrated into the neighborhood. The larger associations will be on the edges of the Garden District.

     Most of the condos in the Garden District are going to be on the edges and on main streets. 


1122 Third Street Condos, Near Magazine Street
Condos onFourthStreet,GardenDistrict.jpg
Fourth Street Condos

St. Charles Avenue Condos

     St. Charles Avenue is lined with many condos on the edge of the Garden District. Homes converted inot condos, Apartment complexes to condos and many built from scratch as condos. Being on the St. Charles Streetcar line is always a big plus.

1500 Second Street & St. Charles, Andrew Jackson Condos
2600 St. Charles, Large Million $ Plus Condos

2617 St. Charles Avenue Historic Condos

2625 St. Charles Ave. Historic Conversion

Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
1477 Louisiana Ave Suite 101 New Orleans LA 70115