Selling Your New Orleans Condos

Recent Updates, Positive Aspects

Taking Nice Photos Helps See

Of Unit and Condo Association

Flyers Help Tell the Story

    Expose the positive aspects of your condo so buyers can compare it with other choices. Recent updates give your condo more value. Many agents do not do this. This gives the buyers papers they can take with them. It lets people give the flyers to their friends who may be buyers. It is all about getting the most positive exposure that helps sell your condo.

   I always ask the sellers to make a list of recent updates and tell me how much they have spent on the updates. This will give buyers a lot of positive knowledge about the property. Hard for buyers to know how much was spent on updates.

    It is also nice to give the positives aspects of the condo association and the things that make the common areas more valuable to purchasers. Many buyers will use this in their decisions as to which unit to purchase.

    Having worked with hundreds of buyers I have learned what they like to know about the listing and the condo association. 

     Taking nice photos of the positive aspects also helps more than many words. Putting them in the mls and online gives the units positive exposure. Pointing out the most positive aspects is a positive way to show buyers.








Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
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