Know the Competition When Selling!

You Want to Be in the Top Three

Sell Quicker and Make More

       When we talk about the pricing of the unit we will also review who and where your competitors are. The more important ones will be in your building. Once listed it is a great idea for me to set you up on a watch list that follows your competition. It will show you recent sales, new listing and ones going under contract. This helps me keep up with the market and when we may need to adjust the Listing Price.
      Many times I will be at the unit when it gets shown to answer questions about the condo and the condo association. This way I can get feedback on what buyers think about the unit. If I am not able to attend then I will follow up with the buyers agent to see what the thoughts were on the unit and if his buyers are ready to buy.

     Buyers want to look at many units so they can compare one with the other. This is a natural process. Buyers will generally review and see the units and then revisit the best ones before making an offer. 

Weekly Updates on Trends and Showings

    I update my sellers weekly as to the trends and the showings. Many time negatives can be corrected. I will give you an idea of what the trends are and how many buyers are looking at this particular time. Timing is always important as to when the best time to list is.


Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
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