Getting your Condo Ready To Sell

Lots of Things Matter

Spend Little to Make Much More

   My business is 50/50 working with buyers and sellers so I know what Buyers are thinking when they are looking at properties to purchase. Once I review the property I will make you a list of things that will help get your condo sold quicker and for more money. Spend a $1000 and make $5000-$10,000 more. 

1. Declutter the things in the unit so it will look nicer and larger.

2. Have the condo professionally cleaned. Shampoo carpets if needed and clean the windows and shades. Clean stove and Frig. Buyers really notice things like this.

3. Paint is cheap so if you have scratches and dirty walls then this will really help.

4. Make sure all the lights and appliances are working. Using the correct lighting will really help.

5. Touch up cosmetic defects so your unit will look great.

6. Has the a/c been checked  and serviced in the last year. This needs to be done in our hot and humid weather. The inspectors that buyers use will ask for this so it is better to do this before getting the unit on the market.

     Many of the buyers will be second home buyers from out of town and they do not want to do a lot of work on a units. I have a list of professional handy men who can help you fix up at reasonable prices. 

Make a List of Recent Updates

   Making a list of recent updates and the cost is also a great idea. You are in competition so its best to let buyers know all the positives about the units. If you have receipts for large upgrades then I can put that into the sales packet that we will put in each unit. 

    Best to give the buyers a rough estimate of what the most recent upgrades cost . The competition may not do this and will put your unit in a much better light. 

Nice and Bright, Lots of Natural Light
Clean and Fresh, Like a Staged Unit
Marcus Bouler
Marcus Bouler
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