How to Value Your Condo For Sale
New Orleans Condo!
Much More than Square Footage

       You start of comparing the recent sales in your complex in units that will match your unit. Then also look at comparable complexes that have like condos. You compare units that are about the size and have the pluses that your unit has.

       You then compare like units that are currently on the market. You want to be in the top three with the best price for what a buyer would get. This will get you more showings.

       You want to clean and shine your condo so it will look nice. I have handi man who can make the unit look and feel much nice. Always good to have your a/c cleaned and serviced within the last year.

      If you recently bought a condo in the last several years we can use the average appreciation to get a good number. If you have updates these will add to the value of the unit. Never 100%of what you have done . A certain increase will come up with another value. 

      Make a list of recent updates so the buyer will know what your have done. Have prices since many buyers are not really aware of the cost of things you may have done and fixed since you bought the condo.   

Items of Value on Flyer


Making A List of Updates Help Sell The Condo
Buyers Like to See the Updates

     Buyer's agents will generally look up and see what you paid for the unit. The Updates and cost will help with the sale. 




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Marcus Bouler
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